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About EDGE

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Welcome to EDGE

Welcome to EDGE Graduate Development at MTU

EDGE is a new graduate development framework for MTU students in recognition of your extra- and co-curricular involvement and achievements during your time at MTU.

EDGE is designed to help you stand out from the crowd, develop your personal and professional skills and enhance your employability.

Watch the video below to give you an overview of what EDGE is all about.


EDGE is for all currently registered students at MTU across all campuses.


EDGE is an opportunity for MTU students to get recognition for the life lessons learnt along the way to earning a degree. 

As students engage in new activities, or activities they are already doing, completing the award will help students to step outside of their comfort zone and enhance their personal attributes and skills; as well as the ability to articulate these skills. 

This, in turn, enhances graduate employability and success in life after college. 


Recognition of engagement, achievement and development comes in the form of Bronze, Silver and Gold standard awards.  

A range of activities listed on My Award can be completed both on- and off-campus and count towards your award. These include career-building activities, volunteering, enterprise competitions, out-reach to the community, enhancing your competencies through online learning, part-time work or the arts.  

Bronze: Discover and Explore 

The Bronze level is an introduction to EDGE with short activities to help you discover and explore everything that MTU has to offer, as you settle in to life at university.  

Silver: Experience and Develop

Completion of the silver award will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and take activities you might not otherwise have taken as you experience new things and develop your learning and skills. The Silver level requires 50 hours of your time for some activities or extra commitment for other activities, and you will answer a question about a competency you have developed.  

Gold: Challenge and Prepare

Completion of the Gold award will allow you to challenge yourself further, articulate your skills and contributions to university and society as you transition out of your studies and prepare to take your next steps. The Gold activities sometimes require 100 hours of your time, for example part-time work or participation in a university programme, or extra commitment in other activities. 

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